Review Policy

Review Info

CM Speedrunners is a site made for users who play Grand Theft Auto Online (TM). This site acts as a resource for players needing in-game help, thus this website offers a variety of resources available to the player from guides to in-game assistance. Therefore, reviews are written and scored with commendation to the member(s) that helped a user on this site.

Scores are determined as objectively as possible by rating a single measurable category (help and service of the runner). The quality of the runner or the site's resources (depending on what is being reviewed) will be measured out of a 5-star rating where 1 star is the most poor quality and 5 stars is excellent quality.

The intent is to take out subjective feelings and make it easy to understand for the reader how the runner performed for any given user. This is more representative of a runner's true quality in time spent giving professional help.

As noted in the "Reviews" section of the site, users are encouraged to review a runner's performance as well as any resources this site offers. As policy states, we have the rights to delete a post if it contains sensitive or offensive material.

Reviewed Platform

When making a review, the user will be prompted to choose the trademarked logo of the console they have been helped on. The user leaving a review is encouraged to choose a logo when making a review.